Life is like a watermelon

Indeed, life is like a watermelon. We’re watching a portion, we see the seeds, and we want to avoid them…

But there are four main paths…

The first one is to remove the seeds beforehand, with a big initial effort for a better final enjoyment. But at the cost of having to repeat it on every portion, striving forever and just learning around “how to remove the seeds faster to be able to enjoy before”.

The second way is to eat, ignoring the seeds at first, but chewing carefully so you can put the seeds out as they are felt. However, this makes really hard to completely enjoy the watermelon.

The third path is to chew without anything getting into our way and, if we can, put out some seeds in the way. In this case, we end up biting almost every seed, turning the watermelon quite bitter.

Finally, the fourth choice is to learn a technique to  eat without the seeds bothering us: you bite, ignoring the seeds,  and you drink as much juice as you can until the bite gets smaller. Then, the seeds will get together by themselves on the leftover and you can throw them out without any inconvenient. This way, what you learn is to, each time, eat calmer, with the certainty that the seeds will get finally discarded by their own weight. In the meanwhile, we enjoy the juice and the pulp.

As always, everything is a matter of how we approach it.

Wise words that emerged of buying a whole watermelon and trying to eat it before it rots.

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Everything always depends on who watches it

Hi to everyone! It’s been some time without publishing… This time I’m leaving you a just baked reflection…
I hope you enjoy it!
Greetings! :)

Each moment I convince myself even more that things are not absolute at all.

It really doesn’t matter what we do. Always, definitely always, someone will be able to tell us it’s wrong or that we shouldn’t be doing it. In the worst case, it could reach variants of “what you do hurts me”.

Then, here comes the question… What should we do?

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There’s always a new beginning

Day after day, we usually spend our life without pausing: a continuous flow of events that occur one after another almost without requiring our intervention. Even, there comes a time when we become convinced that our intentions in no way could potentially affect the course we are undertaking. Just as if we knew we are walking on a path of thorns, straight into an abyss, and our legs didn’t respond at all to the prayers from within claiming for a change of path.

That perspective, quite desolating, could be very well the description, some times more concrete and other more abstract, of the relationship we have with our own lives. We consider ourselves a sinking cork adrift in a vast ocean, without the slightest ability to define its own destiny: “this is what I got”.

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The Inner Power

This is a short story in Spanish I wrote when I was 16 years old, but yet it still has a touch that makes it worthy to be shared.

It has clear influences of lots of Metaphysics books from Conny Méndez, Saint Germáin and others I read by that time; that, by the way, I recommend…

It’s not too lengthy (15 A4 sheets), but I leave it to be downloaded in Word format for your convenience.

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