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Here Come The Guns – Time Lapse Music Video

This time I’m leaving you a quite creative music video made entirely by post-it papers shown one after the other to create an illusion of movement.

The technique utilized in this video is called Time Lapse.

Enjoy it :)

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Distraxion – A short video from a Dreamworks animator

This is a very good animation made by the Dreamworks animator Mike Stern.

It raises how bothering can be a given song for someone who doesn’t like it and has no choice of turning it off while working in an office.

Enjoy it :)

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Birds on the Wires – The Music of the Birds

It’s been a couple of days without posting! I’ll try to get on rhythm again…

This video has a pretty original idea behind: watching the birds disposition in electricity transmission lines to compose a song…

Enjoy it :)

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San Francisco Skies – Quickly Advancing Video (Time Lapse)

In this video, originally called “Another Cloud Reel“, Ben Wiggins used the “Time Lapse” technique to show in high speed different perspectives of the San Francisco city. From its skies to its busy streets.

Enjoy it :)

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Joke: Kissing Test for a Commercial – Kissing a Chimp (Without knowing it!)

This is a very good video! (Thanks Fepe!)

The host says to the volunteer it is going to have to kiss two models, but blindfolded…

See what happens! :)

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Fun with Gas – What happens with your voice if you inhale a gas lighter or denser than air?

In this video from MythBusters, you can see what happens if you inhale a gas lighter than air (in this case Helium) or if, on the other hand, you inhale a gas denser than air (in this case Sulfur Hexafluoride). In the first case, your voice turns into a chipmunk’s and in the other one into Satan’s!

Very funny and interesting :)

Thanks Fepe!

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Joke: Mirror Without Reflection (Two twins in a public bathroom separated by a glass)

This is an excellent video I received almost an year ago (thanks Fepe!).

It is a joke made in a public bathroom in which the mirror had been removed and replaced by a transparent glass. A woman pretends to be making herself up (in front of the fake mirror) while her twin sister is on the opposite side of the glass looking like it was her reflection :).

It’s very funny to watch the reaction of the different people that get into the bathroom! :)

Enjoy it!

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High Voltage Videos I – Curiosities with High Voltage (1)

This is the first post of the “High Voltage Videos” series.

Here, I’ll publish some videos of curiosities and interesting things involving high voltage electricity.

Enjoy them :)

What happens if you touch the power lines?

Watch the other videos…

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Firefox Add-on: List Open URLs

Let’s say you’re searching for videos (or webpages if you wish) of some topic. And you navigate through lots and lots of them… Opening new tabs and even jumping between links without leaving the previous URL open somewhere else (this commonly happens when you click any “Related Video” on YouTube, since it automatically opens on the same tab)…

It would be really tedious to go through each of your tabs rescuing all the interesting URLs to save them…

Also, if you could save them as bookmarks (assuming you don’t care about the browsing history), it’s not really simple to just get the URLs to copy them or to send them to somebody else…

For this (and for any other case you could find), I developed the “List Open URLs” Firefox Add-on…


Keep reading…

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Perpetuum Jazzile playing “Africa” (Toto’s song)

This time, I brought you a music video a friend of mine sent me by e-mail… But it’s not any music video… It’s a cover of Toto’s “Africa” song, but made in a very special way…

Its performed by an incredible choir which can simulate a Thunderstorm using their voices and bodies…

A must see…

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