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Firefox Add-On: Close Repeated Tabs 1.0

Close Repeated Tabs Menu

I’ve just updated the Close Repeated Tabs Firefox add-on to the 1.0 version.

It was modified to completely comply with Firefox 3.6 and 3.7.

Also, you can now choose whether to treat the different anchors as the same page or not.

Just click here to download:

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Joke: Mirror Without Reflection (Two twins in a public bathroom separated by a glass)

This is an excellent video I received almost an year ago (thanks Fepe!).

It is a joke made in a public bathroom in which the mirror had been removed and replaced by a transparent glass. A woman pretends to be making herself up (in front of the fake mirror) while her twin sister is on the opposite side of the glass looking like it was her reflection :).

It’s very funny to watch the reaction of the different people that get into the bathroom! :)

Enjoy it!

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Firefox Add-On: Close Repeated Tabs

Are you the kind of user that opens more and more and more tabs each time you hit a page?

Have you ever been looking for some kind of product on eBay and opening each offer you find in a new tab?

Then this add-on is for you…

Close Repeated Tabs some tabs closed

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