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Here Come The Guns – Time Lapse Music Video

This time I’m leaving you a quite creative music video made entirely by post-it papers shown one after the other to create an illusion of movement.

The technique utilized in this video is called Time Lapse.

Enjoy it :)

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Birds on the Wires – The Music of the Birds

It’s been a couple of days without posting! I’ll try to get on rhythm again…

This video has a pretty original idea behind: watching the birds disposition in electricity transmission lines to compose a song…

Enjoy it :)

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Perpetuum Jazzile playing “Africa” (Toto’s song)

This time, I brought you a music video a friend of mine sent me by e-mail… But it’s not any music video… It’s a cover of Toto’s “Africa” song, but made in a very special way…

Its performed by an incredible choir which can simulate a Thunderstorm using their voices and bodies…

A must see…

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Guitar Trainer

Guitar Trainer is a program I’ve written to make easier the learning of the position of the different notes in the guitar fretboard. There are lots of features pending to be implemented (including sound, different scales, guessing game by position and by sound, etc.), but it’s quite useful with its current functionality.


Keep reading…

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