Attendance Control (wxWidgets Version)

wxAttendanceControl is a GUI version of Attendance Control.

It’s been prepared as a further introduction exercise to the wxWidgets GUI (Graphical User Interface) usage (the basic introduction exercise was the Celsius to Fahrenheit application).

For the complete exercise explanation please visit the original Attendance Control exercise.


Since the code of the console project was written trying to make it encapsulated and portable, we re-utilized as most of the files that we could. For a detailed description of the files utilized, look at the “Files.xls” file on the source code package.

What’s next will be a very similar overview to the original one, but with the wxWidgets Version screens.

When you first start the program, you can only log in as admin (-1234:prueba)…


Then, you’ll get to the administration menu:


The next step should be registering the different users using the first option:


After that, they’ll be able to sign in themselves:


So they’ll get into the attendance screen to record their actions:


Each of them ’till they go back to home…


When any administrator wants to watch the full listing of users and actions, he simply logs in and goes to the second button of the administration menu:


It’s simply the same text that appeared on the console version. But, now you have a second option (third button):


If he wants, he can save that information to a file by using, instead, the fourth button:


Or the fifth:


Finally, he can close the program by going to the sixth button (losing all the data)…


That’s all…

Now, like I’ve done before, I’ll leave the links.

The code should be portable, but I’ve only tried it on Windows.

It’s been developed, compiled and tested using wxDev-C++ for Windows with the MinGW compiler (included in the bundle).

GNU GPL v3 wxControlAsistencia is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 (attached)…

Update: minor bug in String.cpp fixed => version 1.01

Support appreciated!

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