Daily Archive for April 4th, 2009

Firefox Add-On: Close Repeated Tabs

Are you the kind of user that opens more and more and more tabs each time you hit a page?

Have you ever been looking for some kind of product on eBay and opening each offer you find in a new tab?

Then this add-on is for you…

Close Repeated Tabs some tabs closed

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Welcome to NeoEGM.com

Welcome to my new website, NeoEGM.com.

This is the space in which I’ll publish the different things I do and some other contents that I could find interesting to show.

By now, the site is divided in 4 sections:

  • Tech: technology related articles (computers, electronics, etc.). Here I’ll publish the software and hardware developments I’ve made, among other things.
  • Music: music posts. In this section will appear the different songs I’ve composed and some covers I recorded.
  • Writings: in this area will be published the writings I’ve made.
  • Blog: general discussion section. Here will appear posts of dfferent topics.

It shouldn’t be needed to say the content will be constantly updated just as I finish preparing all the things I have (and the new ones than appear) to publish.

Enjoy your stay.