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Office Document Property Resetter

This is a tool I’ve made two years ago to solve a problem a friend of mine had. He had at his work a bunch of Word and Excel files created in different computers and wanted to cleanup their properties so they didn’t show the configured Author/Title/Subject/etc. tags.


This would have been a simple problem to solve if there were a few files… They could be cleaned up manually…



But there were lots of them!

So… I made this tool :)


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Simple C++ String Class

Every C++ programmer knows that the standard library has a string class. But, while learning, it’s a good idea to know how to develop your own string class.

That’s why I made the String class. It’s not intended for professional projects (for them, you should use the standard library’s string), but as help to learn C++.

class String
	char *m_pszString;	//Allocated buffer
	int m_nAllocated;	//Allocated length

	//Construction and destruction
	String() { /* ... */ }
	~String() { /* ... */ }

	//Copy constructors
	String(const char *pszString) { /* ... */ }
	String(const String& rsString) { /* ... */ }

	//Operators (assignment)
	String& operator=(const char *pszString);
	String& operator=(const String& rsString) { /* ... */ }

	//Operators (concatenation)
	String& operator+=(const char *pszString);
	String& operator+=(String& rsString) { /* ... */ }
	String operator+(String rsString);

	//Operators (comparison)
	bool operator<(String sString) { /* ... */ }
	bool operator<=(String sString) { /* ... */ }

	bool operator>(String sString) { /* ... */ }
	bool operator>=(String sString) { /* ... */ }

	bool operator==(String sString) { /* ... */ }
	bool operator!=(String sString) { /* ... */ }

	void Clear();
	String Lower() { /* ... */ }
	String Upper() { /* ... */ }

	int Length() { /* ... */ }

	//Cast operators
	operator const char*() { /* ... */ }

protected:	//Helper functions
	/* ... */

//Output e input
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& oStream, String& rsString);
std::istream& operator>>(std::istream& iStream, String& rsString);

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cppMemDbg – Easy to use C++ memory leak detection library

This library is the C++ sequel to the cMemDbg.

Just as the cMemDbg, it is a very easy to use library which can help you to detect and track memory leaks.

Its usage is very similar to the cMemDbg, but with support for the C++ operators (new, new[], delete and delete[]).

There are lots of solutions for this on the net, but this one has the particularity of being really simple to implement.

>new  003D26D8  36  [Main.cpp:127]
>new  003D2708  36  [Main.cpp:128]
>ERROR  Bad free type  free => delete  003D2708  36
>free  003D2708  36  (Main.cpp:128)  [Main.cpp:129]
>free  003D2708  0    [Main.cpp:130]
>ERROR  Trying to free unallocated memory: 003D2708
>delete[]  003D3EB0  7  (String.cpp:59)  [String.h:41]
>delete[]  003D24F0  4  (String.cpp:59)  [String.h:41]
>delete  003D2490  40  (Lista.h:120)  [Lista.h:112]
>INFO  PROBLEM: Memory leak found (36 bytes)
>INFO  Unfreed block  003D26D8  36    [Main.cpp:127]

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Cadbury Spots

These are 3 ver funny commercial spots made for Cadbury’s last marketing campaign… “La Cuenta” [The Bill] is the one I liked the most…

Tenés Razón [You’re Right]

La Cuenta [The Bill]


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Xbox 360 Spot Casting

This is a commercial spot made some time ago for the Xbox 360… It has been said that it was banned from some places… You should watch it in order to enjoy completely the next video…

Show me the other video!

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Prevent Windows Update from restarting the computer

You’re working… Windows tells you there are updates to be installed and you innocently say yes…


After some minutes you get the infamous message:

Updating your computer is almost complete. You must restart your computer for the updates to take effect. Do you want to restart your computer now? Restart Now. Restart Later.

It doesn’t matter if you press “Restart Later”, it will reappear in some minutes to check if you changed your mind…

Please tell me what to do!

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A Very Creative Packaging (PowerCooler Power Source)

Some time ago, I bought a power source which came with a very interesting pacakaging: it seemed to be a toolbox!

Later, when I read some of the information which came inside, I realized they wanted you to use it as a toolbox

I leave you some pictures…


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SMS Scheduler

4 o’clock in the morning… You’re going late to bed… Suddenly, you remember you had to send someone a message with some important information he should have at 9 o’clock…

Of course you don’t want to wake up at 9:00… If you send the message at this moment, you’ll probably wake him up if he didn’t power off the phone (he deserves it! :))…

So what can you do? This tool is the answer…


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Mamá Luchetti (Spot Videos)

Edit (2010-07-07): added the video “REINO” and the advertisement “Diana Arroz“.
Edit (2009-10-30): added the video “Licuadora (Stickers)“. Thanks Jesi and Melu for the link!
Edit: new advertisement “Caldo Bajo en Grasas” added.

These are the advertisement spots made by the argentinean company “Luchetti” for its soups. They’re really very good!

The first one is some sort of jingle presentation, but the other ones are very short and funny stories… The best one, for me, is the last one “The Master of the Sopas”…

O each video, while it’s already playing, you can click the HQ button to watch them in high quality…

Mamá Luchetti – Coro

Watch the other videos!

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Attendance Control (wxWidgets Version)

wxAttendanceControl is a GUI version of Attendance Control.

It’s been prepared as a further introduction exercise to the wxWidgets GUI (Graphical User Interface) usage (the basic introduction exercise was the Celsius to Fahrenheit application).

For the complete exercise explanation please visit the original Attendance Control exercise.


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