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Culture Above All II: Miss Teen USA 2007 (South Carolina) answers a question

As a sequel to the video I posted yesterday, here I’m leaving a very good video (thanks Fepe again!) which demonstrates that someone can reply a question without answering anything at all, even in front of a large audience.

Enjoy it :)

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Which search engine would you choose if you just saw their results? Google, Yahoo or Bing?

Blind Search is a very interesting site which lets you search in Google, Yahoo and Bing simultaneously, but with a particular quality: without showing who is the provider of each result list. So you must vote your preferred results before knowing!


They have published here the results of the first 8 weeks from the site’s opening (the article is from July). Keep looking at the home page for more current news.

Thanks to Fepe for the link!

Incoming search terms for the article: