There’s always a new beginning

Day after day, we usually spend our life without pausing: a continuous flow of events that occur one after another almost without requiring our intervention. Even, there comes a time when we become convinced that our intentions in no way could potentially affect the course we are undertaking. Just as if we knew we are walking on a path of thorns, straight into an abyss, and our legs didn’t respond at all to the prayers from within claiming for a change of path.

That perspective, quite desolating, could be very well the description, some times more concrete and other more abstract, of the relationship we have with our own lives. We consider ourselves a sinking cork adrift in a vast ocean, without the slightest ability to define its own destiny: “this is what I got”.

It’s very few the people who can claim to have the life they always dreamt of. Sadly, very few. And, as conclusion, when we see that all the people surrounding us fits, to a greater or lesser extent, in the same parameters, we resign to believe that, in fact, the happiness doesn’t exist and we’re condemned to “survive as best as the cruel reality we inhabit lets us”.

Insecurity, pressures, disappointments, hurries, violence, jealousy, broken loves, superficiality, stress, routine, racial and religious fights, dogmas, wars, longings never achieved, “unattainable” dreams… That’s how, sadly, almost everyone (perhaps fueled by newspapers, magazines and news TV programs) defines the world that gives us home.

¿Is that all true? Perhaps yes, perhaps not… It depends… ¿And why does it “depend” if supposedly the reality is the same for everyone? There’s just where the big misconception of almost the entire humanity lies…

Since ancient times, it was baptized with different names, but the one which better transcended to our time is one we use with excessive frequency: “luck“. “What a bad luck I have”, “that guy is so lucky”: that’s how we define the reality when we cannot explain why the scales are tilted heavily towards one of the sides.

What few people knows is that, in fact, we are not a sinking cork adrift. We’re capable of defining a direction, a destination, and walking towards it, making everything surrounding us help us in the journey. It doesn’t really matter where we live, what’s our “job”, or how old we are. The only thing that matters is to be conscious that our life is in our hands, and that always, absolutely always, we have the possibility of changing the course; absolutely always there can be a “new beginning”.

¿And what does this “new beginning” imply? To give us the chance to find inner silence, to experiment the joy of being able to close our eyes without being tormented by the ideas we had during the day, the ideas of the past, the ideas of the others; to get rid of the concepts which tie us, which condemn us, which turn our lives into a lightless maze where we can only grope, palpating the walls and suffering countless setbacks. Just by changing that idea, we can finally dispense with the weights we’ve been dragging, the unnecessary responsibilities, the companies which just let us down, and resume our path completely free, just as if everything around us was green and our only “obligation” was to enjoy the singing of the breeze.

¿And can we bring this way of “enjoying everything” to our current life? Surely… The only thing we need is to change our way of thinking. Stop complaining about “the misfortunes surrounding us”, about “everything that doesn’t go as we want”, and dedicate ourselves to enjoy every moment. If we notice there are things which could never fit this new way of living, it will only be a matter of letting them deviate from our path and allowing them to be replaced by other ones more related to our emerging form of enjoying.

¿Haven’t you ever noticed that when we are very convinced of something, everything around ensures us it is 100% true? Whatever it is… It always works this way, and that’s exactly why the truth is not what anybody tells us but what are convinced it is. And that’s how our world will work. So let’s stop absorbing as recorders anybody else’s ideas which limit and condemn us, and let’s dedicate ourselves to build a new perspective to watch the “reality” from, where there are only elements which help as to advance each time more. The people or situations which don’t fit, will simply avoid us or leave our lives. And, when something we didn’t expect appears, we can utilize it to make a pause and learn from what it’s trying to teach us.

There are moments which push us into looking retrospectively and to think whether we are taking the “right” path: our birthday (or, at least, every ten birthdays), a sickness that makes us feel on the brink of death, the death of a family member, the birth of a son, moving to other home or even those festivities we all celebrate in an almost automatic way, as, for example, receiving a new year. The situations are infinite. In fact, we can have our own personal occasions to which we give the opportunity of “pausing us”. All that matters is this: every time we stop, we have the chance of changing the course of our lives. And this has no restrictions of any kind. It applies for everyone and in every circumstance.

It doesn’t matter how immersed in the mud we feel, there’s absolutely always a way to get out and, better yet, there’s absolutely always a path waiting for us which far exceeds our idea of happiness. It’s just expecting us to stop complaining and get decided to walk it, free of preconceptions and with humility.

Being happy is possible, we just have to allow ourselves a new beginning.

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