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Menthoplus Sour – Sour In Every Sense (Advertising Spots)

Here are the two videos from the Menthoplus Sour marketing campaign for Argentina.

They are both very good!

The first one I could find it with subtitles (they are both in Spanish), for the second one I wrote the speech and translated it…

Enjoy them :)

Menthoplus Sour – Diez

Watch the second one!

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Philips Square Bulb (Advertising Spot)

Here is another Philips advertisement. This time is for the Philips Square Bulb.

Read the explanation…

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Philips Domino (Philips Ecotone Advertising Spot)

This video is from a Philips Ecotone advertisement spot. Fepe sent it to me a lot of time ago. Really worth seeing!

Enjoy it :)

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Generating Paranoia – Wash Well Your Hands With Protex (Advertising Spot)

The objective of an advertisement is always trying to generate a need in the people. Commonly, a confort or additional pleasure need. But there’s a limit… You shouldn’t try to instill people an unsafety feeling which leads to paranoia, just to raise your product’s sales. However, lots of companies do it, because they think, like Maquiavelo, that “the end justifies the means“…

Here we have a sample of that… The lyrics of the jingle are below… Both in the advertisement’s original language (spanish) and in english…

Read the lyrics…

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Cappuccino La Virginia – Friend’s Day

These are two very funny Argentinean advertising spots made by La Virginia for their cappuccino coffees in 2008’s Friend’s Day…

They are both in spanish…

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Cadbury Spots

These are 3 ver funny commercial spots made for Cadbury’s last marketing campaign… “La Cuenta” [The Bill] is the one I liked the most…

Tenés Razón [You’re Right]

La Cuenta [The Bill]


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Xbox 360 Spot Casting

This is a commercial spot made some time ago for the Xbox 360… It has been said that it was banned from some places… You should watch it in order to enjoy completely the next video…

Show me the other video!

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Mamá Luchetti (Spot Videos)

Edit (2010-07-07): added the video “REINO” and the advertisement “Diana Arroz“.
Edit (2009-10-30): added the video “Licuadora (Stickers)“. Thanks Jesi and Melu for the link!
Edit: new advertisement “Caldo Bajo en Grasas” added.

These are the advertisement spots made by the argentinean company “Luchetti” for its soups. They’re really very good!

The first one is some sort of jingle presentation, but the other ones are very short and funny stories… The best one, for me, is the last one “The Master of the Sopas”…

O each video, while it’s already playing, you can click the HQ button to watch them in high quality…

Mamá Luchetti – Coro

Watch the other videos!

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