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Joke: Mirror Without Reflection (Two twins in a public bathroom separated by a glass)

This is an excellent video I received almost an year ago (thanks Fepe!).

It is a joke made in a public bathroom in which the mirror had been removed and replaced by a transparent glass. A woman pretends to be making herself up (in front of the fake mirror) while her twin sister is on the opposite side of the glass looking like it was her reflection :).

It’s very funny to watch the reaction of the different people that get into the bathroom! :)

Enjoy it!

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Generating Paranoia – Wash Well Your Hands With Protex (Advertising Spot)

The objective of an advertisement is always trying to generate a need in the people. Commonly, a confort or additional pleasure need. But there’s a limit… You shouldn’t try to instill people an unsafety feeling which leads to paranoia, just to raise your product’s sales. However, lots of companies do it, because they think, like Maquiavelo, that “the end justifies the means“…

Here we have a sample of that… The lyrics of the jingle are below… Both in the advertisement’s original language (spanish) and in english…

Read the lyrics…

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