Fun with Gas – What happens with your voice if you inhale a gas lighter or denser than air?

In this video from MythBusters, you can see what happens if you inhale a gas lighter than air (in this case Helium) or if, on the other hand, you inhale a gas denser than air (in this case Sulfur Hexafluoride). In the first case, your voice turns into a chipmunk’s and in the other one into Satan’s!

Very funny and interesting :)

Thanks Fepe!

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What happens if you set a lighter on fire? Does it explode?

In these two videos, you’ll see a metal container which had a lighter on the bottom covered by lots of papers (to slow down the fire from reaching the lighter).

You’ll see what happens…

Everything was made on controlled conditions with a fire extinguisher near (just in case).

First attempt

Watch the second attempt! (Much better)

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A Very Creative Packaging (PowerCooler Power Source)

Some time ago, I bought a power source which came with a very interesting pacakaging: it seemed to be a toolbox!

Later, when I read some of the information which came inside, I realized they wanted you to use it as a toolbox

I leave you some pictures…


Watch more…

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