Menthoplus Sour – Sour In Every Sense (Advertising Spots)

Here are the two videos from the Menthoplus Sour marketing campaign for Argentina.

They are both very good!

The first one I could find it with subtitles (they are both in Spanish), for the second one I wrote the speech and translated it…

Enjoy them :)

Menthoplus Sour – Diez

Menthoplus Sour – Bigotuda

Original speech (Spanish)

Feliz! Pero… de hace tiempo!
Estás bigotuda!
Tenés más…
Estás más bigotuda… Cómo es?
Nooo.. Ahi nooo!
Ahhh! Por el Sol!
Es según cómo te da el Sol!
Te hacee… Uhh! Te da mucha más personalidad!
Para mí… Y como novio te lo digo… No te afeites, no te afeites…

Un toque ácido que no te esperabas.

Nuevos Menthoplus Sour.
Una sensación distinta en tu boca.
Sabores ácidos y refrescantes sin azúcar.

Translated speech (English)

Happy! But… from a lot of time ago!
You have mustaches!
You have more…
You have mor mustaches… How is it?
Nooo.. Not there!
Ohhh! Because of the Sun!
It depends on how the Sun lightens you!
It makes you… Ohh! It gives you much more personality!
For me… And I say it as you boyfriend… Don’t shave, don’t shave…

An acid touch that you didn’t expect.

New Menthoplus Sour.
A different sensation in your mouth.
Acid and refreshing flavours without sugar.

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