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Simple C++ List Class

Just as I published some days ago the Simple C++ String Class as a C++ learning exercise, now I am freeing a Simple C++ List Class.

The standard library has a list class. But, while learning, it’s a good idea to know how to develop your own list class.

That’s why I made the List class. It’s not intended for professional projects (for them, you should use the standard library’s list), but as help to learn C++.

template <class TYPE>
class List
	/* ... */

	//Construction and destruction
	List() { /* ... */ }
	~List() { /* ... */ }
	List(const List& rlList) { /* ... */ }
	//Assignment operator
	List& operator=(const List& rlList);

	int Length() { /* ... */ }
	bool Empty() { /* ... */ }

	//Element managing
	int Add(TYPE& rtData);
	TYPE* Elem(int nPos);
	bool Delete(int nPos);
	void DeleteAll();
	int Find(TYPE& rItem, int nStartAt = 0);

	TYPE& operator[](int nPos) { /* ... */ }	//Elem
	int operator<<(TYPE& rdData) { /* ... */ }	//Add

	void FreeList();
	void Init() { /* ... */ }

template <class TYPE>
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& oStream, List<TYPE>& rlList);

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Attendance Control

“Attendance Control” is a console application made as an exercise to integrate the different C++ concepts taught in class up to the middle of the year.

The main objective is to be able to develop a employee attendance control which records the times (and justifications, if corresponding) of each time the employees arrive, go to lunch, return from lunch and go back to home.

Sistema de control de asistencia de personal


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Wake On LAN (Remotely power on a computer)

Have you ever wondered how you could power on a computer remotely?

Well, with this program you can do it!


Wake-On-Lan (WOL) Tool v1.0 by NeoEGM

Usage: wol 

Wakes the computer with the specified MAC address.

Accepted MAC address formats: 01-4B-8E-00-52-A1

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