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Nokia 1100 dancing, suicide included (Ringing in vertical position with vibrator mode enabled)

In these two videos you’ll see a Nokia 1100 cellular phone dancing towards the edge of the table.

It’s just put in vibrator mode and in vertical position.

Then, while it’s ringing, it dances!

First attempt

Watch the second attempt! (Suicide included)

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SMS Scheduler

4 o’clock in the morning… You’re going late to bed… Suddenly, you remember you had to send someone a message with some important information he should have at 9 o’clock…

Of course you don’t want to wake up at 9:00… If you send the message at this moment, you’ll probably wake him up if he didn’t power off the phone (he deserves it! :))…

So what can you do? This tool is the answer…


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