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Here Come The Guns – Time Lapse Music Video

This time I’m leaving you a quite creative music video made entirely by post-it papers shown one after the other to create an illusion of movement.

The technique utilized in this video is called Time Lapse.

Enjoy it :)

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How To Fold a T-Shirt (9 Techniques)

These are a some videos I’ve found (some quite old) which teach you how to fold a T-Shirt in different (and, in some cases, interesting) ways…

I watched the first one the last year…

Sometimes I get surprised by the things you can find on Internet…

Technique 1

This is the original video that started with all the T-Shirt folding series: “How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds”…

Watch the other videos… There are lots of techniques!

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