Celsius to Fahrenheit

If you just want to convert temperatures by using a website, you should visit the online celsius to fahrenheit conversion tool. Otherwise, keep reading…

This is a very tiny and simple application I’ve written to teach the basic usage of wxWidgets as an introduction to GUI (Graphical User Interfaces).

Its purpose is just what it’s name says: converting from celsius degrees to fahrenheit degrees (and sideways).


These are the two formulas needed to make the program (in fact one is derived from the other, but for the sake of simplicity, I’m leaving both):

Tcelsius = (5/9) * (Tfahrenheit - 32)
Tfahrenheit = (9/5) * Tcelsius + 32

It’s been developed, compiled and tested using wxDev-C++ for Windows with the MinGW compiler (included in the bundle).

The code should be portable, but I haven’t tested it myself on other platforms.

GNU GPL v3 CelsiusAFahrenheit is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 (attached)…

Support appreciated!

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