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Hide WordPress Visual Editor Tab 1.01

Hide WordPress Visual Editor Tab has been updated to the 1.01 version to make it also work when creating new posts and pages. In the previous (1.0) version, it just worked while editing already created posts and pages.


To download the latest version, please visit the original Hide WordPress Visual Editor Tab post.

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How to remove the “Visual” tab from the WordPress post/page editor

There are lots of people (like me) who just use the HTML mode of the WordPress Editor… Sometimes, you cannot just disable the WYSIWYG editor (in my case, I cannot do it because I use the qTranslate plugin to enable the creation of posts in different languages)… For this people, having the Visual editor tab, might be a very big problem…

Lets say you’re writing a post in the HTML tab…


And you click by mistake the Visual tab…

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WP-No-Format WordPress Plugin (Prevent HTML Code Formatting/Modification)

For the ones used to work with WordPress editor’s HTML mode and hate when it creates <p>s and reorganize <br/>s on its will (among other things), I’ve made this plugin.

I’ve been searching a lot for this kind of functionality and, since I couldn’t find any plugin which let you decide which parts of the code you’d want to leave “unformatted”, I started to write my own…


It’s very simple to use. After activating it, you can just type:

<!-- noformat on -->

on the WordPress editor, just before the part you want to protect, and from that point on, WordPress won’t touch the HTML code you write.

If you want to resume the standard “formatting” you have to type:

<!-- noformat off -->

And that’s all!

GNU GPL v3 WP-No-Format is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 (attached)…

Update (version 1.1): added convert_chars function support. Before, some characters got converted to HTML entities (for example, when writting “&&” appeared as “&#038;&”). [Update recommended]

Here is the change log.

Latest WordPress version tested with: 2.8.4

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